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January Interim 2015

Wolves and Northwoods Carnivores:
A Look at Predatory Ecology

January 1-17, 2015

Course Fee: $1725
Scholarships available

The grey wolf has long excited the human imagination. Minnesota, with approximately 2200 wolves, is home to the largest and only continuous population of wolves in the lower 48 states. It is a center for wolf research. Countries around the world as well as other states look to Minnesota as an example of how wolves and humans can co-exist in relative harmony.

We will work on two wolf projects during the course: one to determine pack numbers, territories, and behavior through tracking surveys near Ely, MN. The second, to determine wolf pack size, territory, and the impacts of prey species on the historic Jonvick Deer Yard along the North Shore of Lake Superior (Lutsen, MN). This is also the 6th year we will be collecting data on Canada lynx in the area in cooperation with the Superior National Forest.

The preparation for surveys will include lectures and training sessions on :

  • Wolf ecology and observation of captive wolves
  • Lynx ecology and observation of captive lynx and bobcats
  • Deer ecology
  • Coyote and Fox ecology
  • Bobcat and Cougar ecology
  • Bear Ecology
  • Tracking
  • Research techniques
  • Aerial radio telemetry
  • Habitat analysis
  • Winter ecology
  • Winter first aid and safety
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing

This course includes visits to the Wildlife Science Center (one of the country's oldest wolf facilities dedicated to the training, research, education, and conservation surrounding this keystone predator), the North American Bear Center, the International Wolf Center, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.

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or inquire at 888-404-7743 or email

Optional: Registration and credit through Carroll University

Non-Carroll University students may receive credit for this course through Carroll University, Waukesha, WI [their WINTER 2015 Registration begins November 6, 2014]

Students wishing to receive college credit through Carroll University will need to complete a Visiting Student Application & Registration Form with the following course information:

Department: ANB
Course Number: 302
Section Letter: R
Course Title: Winter Ecology of Wolf and Lynx
Instructor: Wood Course
Credit: 3
Tuition: $305.00*

*All non-Carroll University students submitting the Visiting Student Application and Registration Form will automatically be billed for the $305.00 course credit fee. It is important to note that non-Carroll University students seeking to receive college credit are charged this Caroll University course credit fee in addition to the normal course fee of $1725 paid to the Audubon Center of the North Woods.

Dropping Course: All students that are dropping a course need to do so in writing through the Registrar's office. Refunds are based on the date of the postmark of drops sent by mail or on date of delivery if brought in person. To receive a 100% refund, students must drop the course on or before January 1, 2015. All refunds are reduced by a 5% administrative fee.

Transcripts: Visiting students enrolling in ANB302 may request an official Carroll University transcript upon completion of the course.

If students have questions about receiving credits through Carroll University, they can contact Lynn Novak, Associate Director of Part-Time Studies at or 262-524-7620.

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“I have taken many different classes and traveled to some very interesting places but I believe this class here in Minnesota is the most prominent class/trip I have and will ever take. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime; this is the best class I have ever been a part of.” University of Dubuque student 2013

“It is difficult to reflect and summarize on the experiences I had at the J-term course, but I can say it was worth more than words can express, more than money can afford, and more significant to my future than I will ever realize. I have gained both hard and soft skills that I will use for years to come.” Black Hills State University student 2013

“This experience taught me skills and gave me personal experience that a text book could never give an individual. The experience gained from this course is unmatched by anything I have done previously.” Manchester University student 2013

“The amazing experiences that I have had since arriving at the ACNW have been numerous and have been found in both in class, and outside of the classroom. Each day here has offered so many new experiences that it is almost too difficult to choose my favorite ones. With all the experiences that I have had in the last few weeks, I finally feel like I have chosen the correct majors for my interests. Without this class, I might have continued to question what I wanted to do with my life professionally.” Cornell College student 2013

“The past three weeks have been fantastic.  There is really no other way of putting it.  I came into this course expecting amazing things, and all my expectations were exceeded.” Carthage College
student 2012

“I realize just how amazing these past weeks have been. I’ve traveled the world, South America, Europe all over, but this trip has been the most memorable and truly satisfying. I have never laughed or smiled more.  I learned to trust my instinct and to trust those around me. The importance of love and lust for life are embedded in the teachings here at the Audubon Center.” Eckerd College student 2012

“In the three weeks here, I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would have. Not only that, but the time has really passed by. It seems like this course has only been a week. I have had a fabulous time in this course. I am so happy that I got to take part in it. Anyone who didn’t get to take this class really missed out.” Manchester College student 2012

“I have grown into a better person by coming here.  My experience of living with other people and learning a ton of useful skills that a normal class could never give you has brought my knowledge to another level that could not be achieved at school.  This hands-on experience really heightens the learning level and will remain with me for the rest of my life.” Carroll University student 2012

“This class gave me confidence in what I want to do for the rest of my life, and the skills that I have that help to qualify me for that. This trip has given me all the experiences I could have ever asked for, and more.  I will never forget this gift of a class for the rest of my life.” Eckerd College student 2012

“Thank you so much for everything! My experience with the Audubon Center was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life and I hope to be back sometime soon.” 2011 participant

“This class has exceeded my expectations over and over again.  I would recommend this course to any student that is interested in wildlife or just loves the outdoors. If I could, I would do this class every J-term.” 2008 participant

“This trip was an amazing experience.  I have never experienced so much in a class.” 2008 participant

“The course was a once in a lifetime experience for me.” 2008 participant 

"She is still just "lit on fire" by the experience and the things she saw and learned. She showed me pictures, work completed, etc. She is SO excited! I thought you needed to hear what a difference you, and this program, made in two BVU students lives. ...her passion is just contagious!"  --quote from Mary Gill, Associate Dean of Faculty at Buena Vista University - Storm Lake, Iowa, referring to two students returning from January Interim.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the life-changing exprience of j-term...the experience has solidified and crystilized my ambitions for the future, so thanks for that." 2006 participant

Instructors: Bryan Wood; ACNW staff
Course Fee: $1725. Tuition for credit is arranged through your own institution. (This course is intensive so you should arrange for 3-4 credits.) All room and travel costs and most meals are covered once you arrive to the Audubon Center.


To register for this exciting course, call us at 1-888-404-7743 or email us:

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your registration; balance is due by December 12, 2014.

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